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2.63. net-list

Lists the virtual networks libvirt is aware of, along with basic status and autostart information.
Used without parameters, net-list displays information for only active virtual networks.
net-list --all --inactive
Table 2.9. Options
Name Required? Description
Instructs net-list to display both active and inactive virtual networks.
Instructs net-list to only display inactive virtual networks.

Available from libvirt 0.2.0 onwards
Platform or Hypervisor specific notes
None yet
virsh # net-list
Displays the active libvirt virtual networks.
virsh # net-list --all
Displays all virtual networks libvirt knows of, both active and inactive.
virsh # net-list --inactive
Displays only the inactive libvirt virtual networks.
Example in context
Displaying all of the libvirt virtual networks on a host:
virsh # net-list --all
Name                 State      Autostart
default              active     yes      <-- this is a virtual network
examplenetwork       inactive   no       <-- this is a virtual network
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